Digital marketing


July 6, 2022
8:30 pm
digital marketing Session



We will be presenting a four-part online session on how to overcome fear of success uncertainty. First, we will be starting out with at least 12 participants during the start of a given month, (July 6, 2022, 8:30 pm), new start date. There are four sessions to be completed during this business efficiency process. One per week the sessions will be one hour live online via video conference, or you can select and start the one-to-one sessions through Upwork, today. We Blog and promote small businesses via our social media marketing business software.

Now, the free 4-part session, will require that you be signed-up at:™ via the contact form, with your email address. After you have signed-up at ----

we will then email you the login and temporary password. After entering the site you will then see the free 4 live sessions coupon – within the platform’s news post – there you can join our sessions list. That way you will start at the top of the month with the 4-part sessions. At least you will be learning up-to-date leading edge business marketing processes from a well-expressed, MBA. And also I invite you to join our Social Marketing Blog for up-to-date Global social media marketing evolving processes. Also you can request a FREE Social media assessment. The assessment will cover what is needed to bring your business up to par, in terms of increasing your bottom-line and engaging your local customers, via, Digital Marketing. This is very important.

​Again, Thanks, and YOU, have a good one.

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